A pinch of (computer) science in a drama sauce.

About me

Hey there!

Disclaimer: I like overdramatising and making fun of myself. Keep this in mind.

I got a PhD in Mathematics from Aix-Marseille Université and in Computer Science from Università di Bologna. I worked on esoteric algebraic (in the sense of vector spaces) extensions of the pure λ-calculus, meaning that I played Sisyphus for 3 long years. Despite the fact I rather like Albert Camus’ interpretation of life in “The myth of Sisyphus”, its practicing felt quite alienating. By the way, in case you enjoy reading mathematical nonsense, my dissertation is here.

Before that, I got a double Master’s degree in Computer Science from ENS de Lyon and Università di Bologna, where I mostly focused on foundational studies. I have been trapped by shining mathematical abstractions, that have led me to study type systems and foundations of computer science ({λ,π}-calculus, linear logic, etc.).

Realised that I am not capable enough for doing fundamental research in computer science, I am now chasing professional happiness as a software engineer, while pursuing an overdramatic lifestyle.

During the day, I normally try to play around with the OCaml and Haskell functional programming languages. Lately, I have been interested in the MirageOS project.

Twice a week I find myself happy while giving my best at Grusol (in Italian).

See ya!

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